Easy Custard Biscuits

First day home after 5 days in Melbourne and I’m feeling utterly disorganised. Bags and clothes and crap everywhere so of course I hit the kitchen instead of putting it all away ! Custard Biscuits are so simple.  1 cup custard powder 1 cup icing sugar 125grm butter softened 1 and a qtr cups self… Continue reading Easy Custard Biscuits


Frugal cooking doesn’t have to be tasteless and boring infact if you put your mind to it research and shop around you can whip up basically anything while still pinching the pennies. Tonight is a pizza night and this recipe I could eat until the cows come home…I won’t of course since the baby weight… Continue reading Pizza

Roast Veg Soup

The past few months have been a big huge sleep deprived pain in my ass! With 3 kids one is always bloody sick and at the moment we’re running on a measley few hours sleep after the third night of coughs and screams and grizzles.  I have 2 friends who’ve had babies in the past… Continue reading Roast Veg Soup

Apple Cinnamon scrolls 

After my failed Lemon Meringue I decided to make an easier sweet. These scrolls went like hot cakes! They are a great lunchbox treat and can be frozen and defrosted later. Basic dough  (see first blog) 2 x small green apples grated Half tsp cinnamon Qtr tsp nutmeg Qtr cup brown sugar Icing sugar and… Continue reading Apple Cinnamon scrolls