Work day – Keep me going til Lunch smoothie

Today is my ‘Out of the House’ work day, the actual work society recognises, not the in home work of raising a family and keeping everyone alive and fed etc etc…type work. Anyway it’s gotta be done for some extra cash. So my Monday is a rush I have to get 3 kids ready, one… Continue reading Work day – Keep me going til Lunch smoothie

Introducing The Savvy Chumbawumba

First blog post… where do I start ? Well…The Savvy Chumbawumba is me. Mother of 3 who wants the best food and lifestyle possible for my family while not sending us broke in the meantime. I’ve been at this pursuit for 7 years now, my other half has been at me to get a blog… Continue reading Introducing The Savvy Chumbawumba