Apple Cinnamon scrolls 

After my failed Lemon Meringue I decided to make an easier sweet. These scrolls went like hot cakes! They are a great lunchbox treat and can be frozen and defrosted later. Basic dough  (see first blog) 2 x small green apples grated Half tsp cinnamon Qtr tsp nutmeg Qtr cup brown sugar Icing sugar and… Continue reading Apple Cinnamon scrolls 

Fuck you Lemon Meringue Pie!

I had this vision of making a to die for Lemon Meringue. The whole family were excited and I couldn’t wait to start. Fuuuuccckkkk!  So I strapped my 10 month old on my back and started this asshole of a pie.  First I made shortcrust pastry that just didn’t workout…nevermind it’s just a base I… Continue reading Fuck you Lemon Meringue Pie!

Work day – Keep me going til Lunch smoothie

Today is my ‘Out of the House’ work day, the actual work society recognises, not the in home work of raising a family and keeping everyone alive and fed etc etc…type work. Anyway it’s gotta be done for some extra cash. So my Monday is a rush I have to get 3 kids ready, one… Continue reading Work day – Keep me going til Lunch smoothie