Morning sickness blehhh what actually helps?

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been super quiet over here…and as you can guess by the blog title I’m pregnant!!!! With Omg #4 !! Am I nuts? Yes…I am! So excited though as this baby is well and truely my last. However… morning sickness this time kicked my ass! I’m here at week 12 and feeling better…apart from the late afternoon (pfft MORNING sickness what a load of shit!) I feel like it’s nearing the end and I can actually start to enjoy this pregnancy. For those of you who have morning sickness all pregnancy…wow I feel so sorry for you, that’s really not fair.

Anyway things that helped…nothing made it go away but these things did help me actually get out of bed

  • Lime juice
  • Dry crackers
  • Ginger (everyone knows this and everyone will tell you it is the best…it’s not the best, well wasn’t for me anyway but it did help)
  • Green apples cut up (I’d eat these all day if I could in the super early weeks) Annnnd that’s all folks! Everything else made me gag. However I still managed to gain 3kg??? I still ate other stuff obviously but it didn’t always go down so great.

I should be back up and running with some tight ass recipes soon. Thanks for being patient.

Mwah xx


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