Tuna Patties

School’s back tomorrow…thank god!!! These holidays have been the most testing by far. The man had surgery so I’ve been mostly sole parent and the kids all decided this was the perfect time to be psycho little turds! Fun times. 

Anyway with work tomorrow and 3 kids to sort…plus one big man kid I’m cooking nearly all day so the next 2 days run smoothly and I don’t end up in a mental home…which right now would be a great respite. 😂 

I hope you enjoy this recipe and your week goes well guys xxoo


  • 2 x tins 95g tuna plain
  • 2 tbsp corn
  • 2 tbsp bread crumbs
  • 1 tsp soy sauce
  • 1 egg
  • Salt & Pepper 
  • Oil to cook

    To make these all you do is mix all ingredients together. 

    Roll into balls and flatten in pan. Fry until cooked.

    Serve with salad or alone. All 3 kids give this recipe a big thumbs up.

    These are great cooked in advance and freeze well too.


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