Extremely fast vegemite cheese scrolls for a Tuesday night

I’m completely stuffed and this week I picked up an extra shift at work so by Thursday my bags will be an extra stunning shade of black. One day bubs will sleep…Pretty sure it won’t be anytime this week though. I swear this kid is lucky he is super cute!

So home from work and realise the kids have ummm… fruit and possibly a tin of tuna each for school. What the f do i make …. so wacked together some puff pastry, vegemite and grated cheese and ta da we have mini scrolls to bulk up the lunchboxes. Oh woohoo just found some popcorn, winning!


  • 2 x Sheets Puff Pastry
  • Vegemite
  • Grated cheese 

Heat oven 180 deg

Lay out sheets and cover with a little vegemite – depending on your liking and sprinkle with cheese. Roll up into a log and cut up – I got 10 per log. Sprinkle with a little cheese on top and cook for 15 mins.

They’re not as good as my yeasty scrolls but I’m stuffed so it’s the best I can do tonight

Enjoy your day tomorrow guys. I’m already looking forward to my many many coffees tomorrow 😂



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