Eggless Meatballs

Hey friends! 🙂 Sorry it’s been quiet over here, I’ve been busy and omg stressed! Is it just me who gets ridiculously overwhelmed this time of  year? So clearly the thing to drop is my blog, I’ve been trying out some new ideas and am super excited to get them out to you but be patient haha!

So after a visit to our Nutritionist Kimberley Douglas we found out Sir David is egg intolerant….hrmmm fantastic :-/ with 7 chickens we literally eat eggs every morning…never fear I’ve been assured he will grow out of the egg hatred over time but for now Davey  and myself (still breastfeeding ) are going egg free. Ok….did you know egg is in fricken everything haha wow… 2 days in and a school mum hands Davey chocolate cake ummm…oppps. starting again we’ve managed 3 days egg free and already seeing a difference 🙂

Meatballs tonight and of course they have egg but aha I found and I don’t know if this is well known…you don’t reaaaallly need egg to bind them! No seriously you don’t . 

Just use your usual recipe and omit the egg how simple! This recipe uses milk and breadcrumbs which together bind ingredients perfectly anyway.

The trick is to bake the meatballs before adding to sauce. So Davey and mine will go in the over on 180 degrees for half an hour and the kids and Tim in the slow cooker. Once baked add some of the sauce Done! 

P.S Add mozzarella cheese in the middle for an extra treat my kids go nuts over the sneaky cheese 🙂

Mwah x


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