Is 3 the key?

When I fell pregnant with No. 3 (Davey) there were so many mixed emotions from family and friends…why? I have no clue but there were. Some were excited (as I would be for my loved ones) some were strange and a whole bunch told me their horror stories. Everything  changes you know with the 3rd, 3 is way worse than 2, new car, 4 is better than 3…it went on and it was dumb. Why do babies bring up mixed emotions ?  Noone has to raise this baby except us so why not just  be happy? People are so confusing.

So I’m here to tell you 3 is the best! I wish I wasn’t so scared to have a 3rd, it took me 4 years to have number 3. He is amazing. Yes I’m sleep deprived and my house is worse than ever before but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I think for us he brought everyone closer. We now all work as a team. We’re all happy together.

I have no horror stories….really! It was rocky in the beginning (after baby hormones and colic) but trying to think of an actual horror story and nope not one, sure they’ll come with time but for now 13 months in I’m here to say to the people who made a fuss that they’re wrong and 3 for me is the key. 

Go on have another baby 🙂 haha



Mwah x


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