Boost….your milk supply

Breastfeeding is tough. I love it but in all honesty I’ve wanted to throw in the towel more than once over this past year. The constant night feeds, sore nipples etc.

So when my milk went, like literally went (all but a few drops left) I thought yes now it’s time. I was getting over a bout of food poisoning  (just add that in with the endless winter ailments – all 3 kids had over the past few months) why not food poisoning now too ! 

Anyway my other half had bought some Optimal Essentials Boost so I thought I’d give it a shot…one last go before giving up for good. In saying this my son is nearly 1 so really it wouldn’t be an absolute tragedy if I gave up now would it. 

Boost is an all natural green powder containing over 24 superfood ingredients like tumeric, spinach, green tea just to name a few. A daily teaspoon of Boost contains more antioxidants than a handful of blueberries.

Mix a teaspoon to a glass of water and stir. It looks like a green smoothie.

After an hour my breasts felt HUGE and I had so much milk! So guess we’re still feeding then πŸ™‚ 

Since then I’ve had Boost every morning and had no problems since.

I sent Dr Phil Sheldon an email thanking him and actually got a response from him personally! How nice is that.

Now I know breastfeeding is a personal choice, sometimes it doesn’t work out, sometimes we’re just not well enough and sometimes we simply don’t want to and that’s fine too. No judgement here that’s for sure but if you’re struggling and want to keep going I  highly suggest giving this product a go. 

I used it in the past but I found the most amazing Nutritionist ‘Kimberley Douglas from Perfectly Natural’ who ‘fixed’ me so stopped anything extra. However adding this into my daily routine is an extra bonus especially while breastfeeding. 

Optimal Essentials Boost can be bought from your local National Pharmacies or direct from their website (with free shipping!)


2 thoughts on “Boost….your milk supply

  1. Hi Savvychumbawumba, thanks for sharing your tips. I’m not feeding as yet though appreciate your tips in advance. Only made it 6 months with my first and hoping to get a little further with the next !


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