Save on the boring to splurge on the fun

Today we had my middle childs party. He turned 6. We had 15 6 year olds over it was great.

The party was Science themed and cost a small fortune but you know what I saved a small fortune on the food.

I made pretty much everything from scratch and what I didn’t was half price…I made Pizzas, 2 different cupcakes, jelly, fruit platters and dips.

What was a hit and is always a hit was my Corn Relish Sour Cream dip , it is super easy and cheap!

1 tub Sour Cream 500mls

1 jar corn relish (chunkier the better )

1 cube chicken stock crushed

Salt & Pepper 

And….you know what that’s it! That’s all and I guarantee everyone will think you’re brilliant. Happened again today with the school Mums, I could hear them oohing and ahhing . Ha so there you have it my little secret. 


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