Sunday Pancakes 

Before my eyes were even open this morning all I’ve heard is Mum, Mum, Muuuuuummmm …. seriously guys! It’s Sunday! Jeez.

Here I am blearly eyed on the day of rest trying to get breakfast ready for 3 aparently starved children who keep hovering back to the kitchen to see when breakfast will be ready. If I hear Muuuummm one more time I’m going to … I dunno … do something, not sure what yet…make your pancakes with No Love! No love. They’ll be made with anger yes Angry Pancakes today kids!

Anyway they got served the poor starving children got fed and all is well in the SavvyChumba house on this fine Sunday morning. The world has been put right.

The pancakes were delicious and cheap so cheap and that’s why I’m here writing this while drinking my much needed coffee.

The best pancakes are the easiest. You can add whatever but end of the day I’ve found basic is best.

2 x cups self raising flour sifted 

Sprinkle of salt

1 egg

2 cups milk

Mix together with electric mixer and cook. I’m pretty sure everyone knows how to cook a pancake. This very basic recipe tastes kinda cake like but amazing and all 3 of my kids love them. Not the healthiest breakfast but for a lazy Sunday they’re perfect.

Estimated cost per batch $1.00 and feeds 3 starving children, 1 exhausted Mum and a Dad if he ever gets up! (In his defense he isn’t well but it adds effect) plus left overs for school tomorrow.


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