Making friends

Kids are awesome. My kids a little more than others I’m sure 😉

After a crap morning we went to the park to let off steam and find our zen again. Davey my 11 month old fell asleep so I sat my butt on the bench and watched my kids play. They are so great at making friends. Tj my 5 year old went up to a girl ‘I’m 5, I have big muscles, I was Hulk for Bookweek wanna play? ‘ Now that is an awesome introduction. I wonder what Mums would think if I went up and said ‘I’m 31, I like Coffee, all my clothes are too tight wanna hang out?’… I think they’d think I was high or crazy. 

My kids ended up playing with 4 girls and left as besties knowing their names and ages and the school they all go to…I left after not talking to anyone and even though today I just wanted to chill in the sun with my sleeping baby it made me wonder why things change when you get big? I grew up an only child (I have a half brother and sister but grew up alone) still I think I used to make friends easily when I was little…maybe? I think so? I have the best friends ever and I’m happy with that but surely I could talk to other Mums more? Do I want to? Maybe? I don’t know…I guess I do? I think I should…I will…Yes, yes I will. 

Next time I’m out I’m making new Mum friends just like my kids do. Why not? Couldn’t hurt right?  


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