Homemade Aussie Burger

Why is it when you’ve been sick all you want to eat is crap? Agh! The past fortnight we’ve been sharing a bug that has thrown all our good eating habits out the window. I feel disgusting!

Tonight we will get back on track!

I don’t know how people eat poorly all the time and ever feel good?

So here we are craving a Maccas Aussie burger so instead it’s our homemade version and oh my god it was amazing!

I used



Mixed lettuce



Chicken breasts (crumbed at home)

Beerenberg chilli sauce (on mine only)

The rolls: – I used our usual bread recipe (see first blog) but added an extra tsp of sugar. At the second rise divide dough into 8 balls and put onto baking tray.

Once risen bake for 10 mins on 200 then reduce to 180 for a further 10 mins.

Once buns are done layer and enjoy!

***this would actually be great as little sliders too.

Estimated cost per Hamburger  $1.80 (produce bought on market day at The Central Markets so was cheap) only thing that was pricey was the bacon because I had to pick it up from the local grocer and to buy Australian it costs more.


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