Classic Scones

What is it about scones that make them feel so homely? This timeless snack is a great penny pincher, super simple and easy to make.

3 cups Self Raising Flour (I used Gaganis SR flour bought direct from their factory in Adelaide)

80 grms butter cubed

1 and a qtr cups milk (BD Farm Full Cream)

Himalayan rock salt – just a pinch

Rub flour, salt and butter together until it forms a breadcrumb like appearance and feel. Make a well in the centre and mix in milk with a butter knife.

Once together turn out onto a floured surface (plain flour) and knead softly for a minute. Roll out with a rolling pin and using cookie cutters cut 2cm thick and a decent palm sized width. Put onto a pan and cook 200 deg for 20 mins.

Once out the oven top with whipped cream and strawberry jam. Since we’re Adelaide locals we get to source out jams from Beerenberg in the Adelaide Hills. There is nothing nicer than a family drive through the hills, something we do most weekends if we can. 

Estimated cost per dozen $1.60


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