Work day – Keep me going til Lunch smoothie

Today is my ‘Out of the House’ work day, the actual work society recognises, not the in home work of raising a family and keeping everyone alive and fed etc etc…type work. Anyway it’s gotta be done for some extra cash.

So my Monday is a rush I have to get 3 kids ready, one dropped at daycare and the other 2 at school and somehow get to work looking presentable. Breakfast isn’t a cooked meal like we have on my non work days, today Miss 7 will have something to the tune of baked beans, Mr 9 months will have a piece of toast and Mr 5 and myself share this fabulous banana smoothie. Mondays Mr 5 is my favourite as he’s the easiest at breakfast time.

This smoothie keeps me full until lunchtime and that’s saying something for this Chumbawumba gets hungry often. Well I’m pretty sure it’s the smoothie and not the stress of missing Mr 9 months who just seems too little to be away from me. Ahhh sigh… anyway. 

This divine concoction contains only 3 ingredients 

A banana

B.D Farm Full Cream milk  (yes not as cheap but who can stand powdered milk crap plus this supports our Aussie farmers, I’m sure you all know the drill)


1 tbsp Nutrition Warrior Super Protein Blend – this is amazing. I was lucky enough to review this little beauty and have been hooked ever since. No hidden nasties and tastes soooo good!

Blend together. Voila! 

Perfect rushed work  breakfast without skimping on health.

Estimated price around $2.20 but is breakfast for 2.

Enjoy your Monday foodies

The Savvy Chumbawumba xo


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