Introducing The Savvy Chumbawumba

First blog post… where do I start ?

Well…The Savvy Chumbawumba is me. Mother of 3 who wants the best food and lifestyle possible for my family while not sending us broke in the meantime. I’ve been at this pursuit for 7 years now, my other half has been at me to get a blog up and running….so here we are finally. I hope I can be of some help to other time poor parents too.

14687270881602068957014As my oven beeps at me to take out homemade bread I start to wonder how I will find the time to even have a blog? Baby in my arms, dishes piled high, washing overflowing other 2 kiddies making a glorious mess of the house…of dear…anyhow I shall try.

This is a basic white bread. Simple and fairy quick to make.

2 cups white flour

1 tbsp caster sugar

1tbsp salt (I use Himalayian rock salt)

1 tbsp dry yeast

1 and a half cups warm water

2 tbsp olive oil


Mix dry ingredients together with wooden spoon in a large bowl – not metal. Make a well in the middle and add warm water and oil, mix together.

Once together turn out onto a floured surface and knead for 10 mins. Lightly oil the bowl and once dough is together and in a ball place in bowl cover with a damp tea towel and leave to rise for an hour.

After the hour the dough will be double the size. Punch in the center and knead again for 2 mins. Place in a bread tin either oiled or using baking paper cook on 200 degrees for 30 mins. Once cooked turn onto a wire rack to cool.

Hope you enjoy this basic white bread as much as we all do.

Total estimated cost per loaf $1.10



The Savvy Chumbawumba


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