Chickens are literally the best pets! What other pet is there that gives back? Ok cows yes but here in suburbia we have little space for a big ol cow roaming the block.

At first I was against having chickens. Everytime the Man mentioned getting chickens he was shut down immediately. ‘How about just 2 chi….’ No! Shut it, No darn chickens!!!!

Then I got a bout of the flu and found myself bedridden for the day. Aparently he mentioned them and I mumbled something??? Next thing I know 4 chickens are being carried through the lounge on their way to our little suburban backyard.

Long story short I came to love the 4 chickens after they began laying 4 fresh, warm eggs everyday. I was the one who suggested getting more and we now have 7!!!! 7 chickens 7 eggs per day.

Estimated weekly cost per chicken. …possibly $1.00 this is purely if you want to feed them chicken food. They can easily live off the family scraps we produce daily and when out of their cage grass and worms etc. This little input is repaid with produce.
Chumbawumba xo

double yolk
Double yolks are a bonus too.

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